Miata: More stereo work

Door speaker cabling done!  Also have a solution set up (99%) for the tweeters, and keeping them in the OEM location.  Very woot.  It involved a lot of sacrificial dremeling, but fits perfectly, and should be solid once I'm finished with it.

Also turns out that after getting 35' of speaker wire, I'll have JUST enough to do it all.  Surprising for a little car!!!  Hopefully will have time tonight to finish the tweeters, re-assemble the doors/dash, and get started on the amp mounting.

Also have to remind myself...the steering wheel is 1-tooth off center...need to adjust that.


No wonder the old speakers sounded like crap!

This was marginally less frustration than the driver side

Mommy, wow!
Heatshrink turned out real purty.

Woofer install

Tweeter install


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