Miata: Fluids & Filters

Really just noting these here for my reference.  I was at Tool Tyme in Whitby last night to get speaker wire (that was the place that initially got me into audio systems), but turns out they no longer do stereo stuff at all!!  So sad.  Just 'accessories' and whatnot.  Now they do stock Momo wheels, so got to feel what they were like.  Wow...ya a bazillion times nicer on the hands than the Mazda wheel.

Anywho, they also are able to get RedLine fluids (per order basis), and that is just fine by me.  Better than driving out to Concord on my lunch, at any rate.  I still need the diff oil, brake/clutch fluid, Shin Etsu grease, 303 stuff, and possibly something else I'm forgetting.

Fluids & Filters (redline)
Coolant 6.0L 1 17.99 17.99 Ethylene Glycol-based (55water:45coolant)
Transmission 3.0L 3 18 54 Ford Motorcraft MTF (XT-M5-QS), trans needs 2, a little more for shift turret
Diff 0.65L 1 16 16 Redline 75W90 gear oil
Engine 3.4L 2 54 108 5W30 for winter, 10W30 otherwise, Mobil 1 synthetic
Brake & Clutch 2.0L 2 19.99 39.98 ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid (1L)
Power steering 0.75L 1 15.99 15.99 Redline Power Steering Fluid
Oil Filter -extended length Fram PH7317 2 13 26 Or NAPA 1356, Bosch 3323
ShinEtsu grease for windows 1 16 16
Air filter Fram CA6828/NAPA6097 1 12 12
PB Blaster for rusty bolts 1 5 5
303 aerospace protectant for boot install 1 9 9 Vinyl protector
incl.tax  $     367.95


  1. Ross, some of the info came from miata.net searches, some from here: https://sites.google.com/a/philb.us/miata-torque-specifications/tune-up-parts

    For the Shin Etsu grease, go to parts.arlingtonmazda.com and get their window kit - in fact, that's the only place I go to get Mazda parts (even after shipping/taxes they are cheaper than the local dealership).

    One last note - PB Blaster isn't that great - use Liquid Wrench at least. There is one penetrant better than LW, but the name escapes me.


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