Miata: Door speaker cabling

Wow.  That was the closest I've come to outright profanity in a long time.  For whatever reason the door grommet/gasket thingy in the Miata is an 'S' shape, and makes routing cabling through it nigh impossible.

Also, I had the choice between 18- and 14-gauge wiring for the speakers, not the 16- I wanted.  Probably should have gone with 18-gauge, as the 14- is rather chunky.  I was barely able to route the two runs of it through the door grommet, but it is done.  If you're curious, you must remove the grommet from the door and body - otherwise it's impossible to run.  I tried for an hour with various methods, ended up having to use a rod with the cabling taped to it even with the grommet removed.

I only got the one door done.  Between the high winds (media calling it a hurricane) and my wife wanting to watch Castle with me (who am I kidding, Nathan Fillion is witty and charming), didn't have time to do the passenger side.

Tomorrow hopefully will see the speaker wiring done (assuming I bought enough!!!) and amplifier power/remote wiring completed as well.  Still haven't thought about how I'll switch the amp on/off, or how I'll cover the old double-din location.

Stock speaker is actually decent.  Too bad one is blown.

I zip-tied the old wiring to itself, hopefully shouldn't rattle.

Naked doors.

I thought the stereo was kinda wobbly.  Pretty sure strapping is not OEM.

Back of the door panel, will need some cutting to fit the new tweeters.

I will be mounting the crossovers in here - no headunit FTW!


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