New direction

After a positive review at work and some discussion with my manager, I'm taking a new tack for my exams/learning.  VMware stuff is going on the back burner (except VCP5 in Q1-2013) and I'm now focusing on MS technologies.

  1. MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Admin on Exchange 2010, 2 exams, 2 books
  2. MCITP: Database Admin 2008, 2 exams
  3. MCITP: SharePoint Admin 2010 , 2 exams
  4. MCITP: Lync Server Admin 2010, 2 exams
  5. VCP5, 1 exam, 1 course

Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL are the big ones, Lync is new, and we're not using vSphere5 anywhere yet.

I am excited about diving into Exchange and SQL, slightly less-so about SharePoint as web-based stuff is a weak point with my skillset.  Still, a great opportunity to learn.  Another item I need to look into is MS Commerce Server.


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