Nemesis: VCP410

Took it again today, and while the mark was much better, still a fail.  Disheartening, but I won't give up.  Booked for two weeks from now, earliest available date (past 7 business day VMware re-take policy).

I studied really hard this time, but it seems the emphasis I place on topics (vCenter, resource pools, clusters, min/max document, managing hosts, host profiles, vDS) is the opposite of what appeared on the exam.  Bizarre questions that made sense only if you made a whole pile of assumptions.  Obviously I can't write them out, but honest to goodness VMware, whoever writes your exam questions gets sadistic pleasure in twisting the English language to new heights of obscurity.  The VCP-410 is really more of a word-game, and not something that grades you on being a 'VMware Certified Professional'.  For a junior-level exam, it sure doesn't cover things a junior person would be expected to know.

Now, the VCAP exams, those I would expect to be ridiculous.  And I will find out later this year.


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