Power outages are bad, mmkay?

We had a 15-minute drop in power - enough to kill my 3kva UPS anyways - and storage, hosts, networking, everything dropped, and dropped hard.

Issues directly related to the outage:

1.  iSCSI VLAN networking failed to come back up on the Openfiler.
2.  Semi-trashed mysql database on the Nagios VM.
3.  Hosts did not self-power on.
4.  My desktop UPS freaked right out and is now for all intents and purposes, destroyed.

Anyways, since I'm busily preparing to (re)take the VCP4 exam (June 8), I fixed things up as best I could (my UPS is in 'power bar' mode and I did not investigate why the hosts didn't come back on) and kept on studying.

I'm guessing the hosts thing is a silly BIOS setting.  My UPS is 5-6 years old...but it's an APC unit (BackUPS RS1500), so kinda strange that things would die like this.  The BackUPS RS 800 on the TV stuff is fine.

Har, actually now that I think about it, there is a BackUPS 1200 on the wall downstairs...

And now the one person e-stalking me knows why I keep this blog: To answer my own questions.


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