Subnet change for the lab = fun times

I moved the Openfiler box and first ESXi host back down to the rack (off my desk), and so had to do a subnet change.  So I changed things over (I thought) and tried to access the wiki.  No go.  Go and re-check all the CentOS box networking for wiki-01 and mysql-01 - seems ok.  Checked more things out - now the pages load, but super slow

Well, after an hour of troubleshooting (this was a silly mistake), I discovered that it was DNS-related, and the ifcfg-eth1 file on mysql-01 had a DNS line!!  Probably from the initial deployment, but shouldn't have been in there - I keep all the DNS stuff in /etc/resolv.conf.

Anyways, fixed it up and everything is back to normal.  It is amazing how quiet things are without that!

Oh yeah, also had one of the IBM 73GB SAS drives fail on me (state in RAID BIOS reported as 'foreign').

I also discovered I know nothing about FC switching, or rather that FC switching is not automatic like Ethernet!  So for now, the FC will be direct from Openfiler to ESXi host.

Tired.  Bed.


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