Wiki down and up

It was down for two reasons:

1.  My PC is a new Win7 image and I'd forgotten to strip Windows Update of any reboot privileges.  (it rebooted, halting the VMs)
2.  When I powered the VMs back up, SElinux turned itself back on, blocking access to the mediawiki files.

Lesson:  Either fix SElinux or turn it off.  Since this is internal, and I have other stuff to do, we'll turn it off.  Hosts directly facing the outside should have SElinux operational and properly configured.

Now, to finish planning all of this out.

I decided to move the Exchange 2010 box as it's 'sort-of' live (accepting junk mail at the moment), and it is the last running VM on the old 'big' ESX host.  Once it's moved (250+ minutes to go - thank you ESX file-transfer speed restrictions) I can install Openfiler or whatever I decide on going with and get that tuned up.  Only downside to that is I'm still using the one SAS bay in the desktop, but that's not critical, I suppose.

330 minutes to go.


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