Openfiler - Errno 104 (conary updateall)

If anyone is getting this error:

error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

It is probably caused by a proxy or transparent proxy blocking access.  In my case it was my Astaro firewall - I had to add a 'Web Filtering/Exceptions' rule for the Openfiler host.  I set it to allow everything, probably safe - no browsing will be done, just the conary updates.

I also found this bug on the Rpath site (even signed up to report!) from 2009, and the dev provided the proxy as a point of interest.  ( )

Once the fix was in place, I decided to run the Update utility from the web GUI (which had also failed before), and it provided me with errors for about 5% of the packages to update, although the rest installed correctly.


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