Moving mysql databases into a central mysql server

Today I'm working on moving the wiki database over to the central mysql server.

I still have to work through implementing best practices and whatnot, but everything is functional to this point:

  1. Wiki database is being served from the central mysql server.
  2. Central mysql server has the mysql database directory housed on a secondary disk.
  3. Documentation is available that should enable moving other applications over to the central mysql server.
Yup, making progress.

Next steps:

  1. mysql backups are a necessity now, so have to configure that - could involve some scope creep as I have thought about setting up a backupPC server
  2. Syslog server, also attached to central mysql server
  3. NagiosXI server, again on the central mysql server, and will also require postgresql

vCenter server is on my priority list as well, but we have to wait on sorting out the hardware issues, and document the iSCSI Openfiler setup.  I've finally moved the mail server off the last physical ESXi host, so Openfiler is next!

My desktop has now assumed the role of OrbitalHQ as it is running:
  • The only DC in the domain at the moment
  • Linux workstation
  • Mediawiki server (i.e. apache)
  • mysql server
  • syslog server
  • Exchange 2010 server



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