Apache clerestory

As I get going with all this, it's becoming clear I should have a dedicated Apache box.  The wiki box is the obvious example, but might as well start fresh so there's no wiki nonsense buried in there.  Will also give me a chance to document the migration of sites from one server to another.

Further, because we're hardcore here, we'll be doing an Apache CLOISTER.  I mean clerestory.  Cluster.

From my day job I'm reasonably familiar with clusters, and I'll transfer my wiki info from there to the PTC wiki (yes this is okayed by them).  Obviously info will be sterilized, and frankly a lot will change since I'll be running through the entire process and making corrections/addendums, so there.

Clusters.  Uptime.  Fo sho.

I am not making this up. The more you know!


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