Lab update

Criminy, I've never had so many shipping boxes arrive in the course of a week. Cables are out for delivery today, I'm hoping we can get home in time to catch the UPS driver on his last round, as my wife did yesterday for the SAS drives.

Speaking of which...the 2.5" SAS drives are SOLID little things. Lovely. I got them all mounted in the IcyDock enclosures and only broke one LED indicator...the manufacturing on the drive sleds is not perfect - but for the price, I'm not complaining. I will send them a note to see if I can order a spare sled (I have two spare drives after all).

Support chat was very helpful - I can do an online RMA for the unit. Also, they provided me with the link for an individual tray: Unfortunately the only place to offer it is (does not ship to Canada) and one tray is $40. I'll pass!! Five or ten bucks would be ok...but $40 is nuts. Have to see about the RMA then.

I need to check and see if the PERC can do staggered spinup...pretty sure it can, but if not, I'll need a different PSU. When I had the PERC 5i running the 8x1TB array, I could hear them doing staggered spin-up, so pretty sure we're ok. Google indicates the same. I also checked the PSU I'll be using (of course AFTER purchase) - PPCMK2S500 - and the rails will be plenty, even if there is no staggered spin-up option.

This weekend I will spend a bit of time mounting things in the rack, and getting the hosts installed in their cases.


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