Thank the Lord the back door was open at the office. The building manager had emailed me Saturday informing me that my card would not work for the back door on the weekends. Thankfully he was incorrect! What he did not mention (I guess he deemed it irrelevant) was that the door between the lobby and rear hallway was locked (physical, not electronic), so the elevator was no longer an option. This meant carrying everything to the back door from the basement. It actually was not that bad, but I was doing some fine huffing and puffing by the end of it.
  • Two-post rack
  • Two rackmount shelves
  • Two PDUs (1U and a 0U)
  • Two SUA3000RM2U
  • One SUA2200RM2U
  • Three RBC43 packs from the aforementioned UPSes
Not sure which of the UPSes I'll be putting to use. I have to tally up the equipment and see what kind of load I'm generating. Either way, I'm putting in a new circuit dedicated to the UPS - either 30A or 20A. Good thing the rest of our house is wired so awfully (our entire upper floor is on one 15A circuit - pretty sure code has something to say about that).

The rack has a 'shelf' on the bottom U...hard to describe, kind of a platform that forms the base of the rack, but also is level with the bottom U. Anyways...that will need to be extended about 12" to fit the UPS, unless I'm satisfied with the weight distribution - APC has kindly put all of the weight in the front 2/3 of the UPS.

When I rack it all, it'll look something like this (starting from the bottom):
  1. UPS
  2. Main ESX host (w. "SAN")
  3. ESXi-03
  4. ESXi-02
  5. ESXi-01
  6. 3U space for another host
  7. Linksys SRW2048
  8. Firewall (1U)
  9. Lots of U
  10. 1U PDU
  11. Dell 2708
  12. Shelf w. Synology, few other items.
  13. Lots of U
  14. Top few U will be the other shelf with the WLAN, etc.
Something like that anyways.


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