Course/exam/certification links & books & skill goals, oh my

The following are training options that I'd like to pursue. Just noting links for future reference.

VMware courses/certifications
  1. VTSP4 (completed, Q1, 2011)
  2. VSP4 (when time allows, 2011)
  3. VCP4 (booking shortly...May, 2011)
  4. VCAP4-DCAdministration (Q3, 2011?)
  5. VCAP4-DCDesign (Q1, 2012?)
  6. vSphere Troubleshooting (VMware link) (confirmed, April 18-21, 2011)
  7. vSphere Manage for Performance (VMware link) (as funds allow)
  8. vSphere Manage and Design for Security (VMware link) (as funds allow)
  9. vSphere Design Workshop (VMware link) (as funds allow)
  10. VCDX4 (by the time I'm ready for this, it'll be VCDX5 or 6)

Microsoft exams/certifications
  1. MCM: Windows Server 2008 R2: Directory (by the time I do this, it'll be Server 2050 R3 or something)
  2. 70-297 - Designing a W2k3 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure (definite, Q4, 2011)
  3. MCITP: Server 2008R2 Virtualization Administrator
The VirtAdmin cert consists of:
  • 70-699 - TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization
  • 70-693 - PRO: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator
  • Elective: 70-659 - TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization
  • Elective: 70-652 - TS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuring
This is a new certification and does not have any books listed on their site yet. I'd go for this one just to round out my virtualization skillset, or if it was required.

And a list of the books I intend to go through to aid my training this year:
  • Mastering VMware vSphere 4 (Scott Lowe)
  • vSphere 4 Implementation (Mike Laverick)
  • Maximum vSphere (Siebert & Seagrave)
  • VCP4 Study Guide (Robert Schmidt)
  • VMware ESXi Planning, Implementation, and Security (Dave Mishchenko)
  • vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS technical deepdive (Epping & Denneman)
  • vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide (Epping et. al.)
  • vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security (Edward Haletky)
  • VMware Cookbook (Troy & Helmke)
  • vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference (Lowe, McCarty, & Johnson)
  • Managing VMware Infrastructure w. Windows PowerShell (Hal Rottenburg)
  • 70-297 Microsoft Press book
Yup! It'll be busy...good thing I have 2 hours/day on the train!

Skill goals
  • PowerCLI/vCLI/PowerShell
  • Necessary items for VCP/VCAP
  • Better understanding of AD roles
How can I demonstrate them? Well first of all passing the VCP (and the VCAP-DCA would be very nice). The AD stuff is coming naturally just from my job - a lot of AD digging lately. PowerCLI/vCLI is going to be essential for ESXi implementation, and PowerShell is just something I've never gotten around to. We'll call that a tertiary goal...probably alongside IPv6.

And if time allows...
  • REALLY understand IPv6 already
Honestly. I know enough to get my MCITP:EA, but I still feel like a lost boy in the v6-woods.


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