vmnic0: Link is Down

Honest to goodness.

Mar 25 07:12:26 osh-esx-1 vmkernel: 9:12:00:32.092 cpu1:4210)<6>0000:01:00.0: vmnic0: Link is Down

I'm at a loss with this system. At the same time my iSCSI box powered itself off, and it gives me the most informative:

The operating system started at system time ‎2010‎-‎03‎-‎25T11:15:02.484375000Z.


Once I'm back from my vacation (starting tomorrow morning for a week), I'm nuking everything and starting fresh - it is a lab, after all. If I continue to get errors, I'm replacing the RAID card - my faux PERC5i - with a PERC6i.

At that point I'm also going to reconsider my storage infrastructure. I may give Windows another shot, and hope it indeed was the RAID card. Or, if I can find a storage filer that does iSCSI and MPIO, I'll give that a shot. I'm truly constrained by the gigabit network - when doing VM deployments it maxes out at 50% on the line, either one or two VM deployments.

Of course, this is all silly...I don't need MPIO. For standard lab stuff what I have is perfectly fast, but if I could use MPIO that would definitely be something to learn with, and a lab is all about expanding your horizons, after all.


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