Where to put it all?

I was telling my wife the other day how back in college, or earlier, I would have killed for the setup I'm using now - only now, I'm finding it extremely cumbersome and prone to making my desk very unusable.

The desk measures 6x3' and is crammed to the gills with stuff - NICs, RAM, the odd HSF, headphones, CD spindles, screws & drivers, papers, four monitors, speakers, two 8-port switches, wireless router, two keyboards w. mice, and cables upon cables. No matter how often I clean it off, it gets stacked with stuff again in no time. I think the real issue is that I'm just not organized, and have no place to put things even if I was organized. The other issue is that there's a lot of junk! It spills over onto the floor, under and around the desk (where the two APC 1200VA UPSes live). This drives my wife crazy. Actually...I think all of it drives her crazy. I should do something about that...if for nothing else than to make her life a little more sane!

It doesn't help that new computer 'stuff' just keeps appearing...I may want to keep the two additional PE4600 chassis out in the garage for now... :)

Oh yeah...there are also two Antec P180's and one PowerEdge 4600 converted for ATX usage sitting on the desk, with two more standard-size cases looking for homes currently sitting on my wife's desk (it's okay, she's out of town - when she's back...not so much okay).

I've taken a 'before' picture, so hopefully before she's back I'll have an acceptable 'after' picture.


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