Clean-up follow-up

...too many ups...

Did a massive amount of clean-up yesterday, and the office looks great now!

I've ended up moving the monitors further down the desk, and setting the PC up so that it's easy to un-plug/tidy cables. The UPS is now on the desk next to it as well, leaving nothing on the floor. The fourth monitor has also been removed, for now, as it was just used for a second PC.

I'm going to P2V the BSD box, if possible, so that we don't have another PC sitting around NOT running ESX. There will be two spare PCs if we can get the BSD box virtualized.

Tonight I'm going to clean up all the spare parts, organize them, and label the boxes, as well as take a quick inventory so that I can look into getting rid of some of it. Of course I also need to finish up the basement wall...going to be another late night!

Oh yeah...I've now also got to build a shelf for the computers...or pile them all up together.

Update: I've got most of the stuff cleared out of the office now, and almost all of that sorted/catalogued. I just need to find a good spot in the basement for it.

My next big project is to virtualize my freeBSD mySQL/Asterisk test/dev box. So far Mondo Rescue is looking like the best option (, as it has a native capability for BSD. My only catch is that I'm really not familiar/good with installing/using Linux-ey apps. Hmm.


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