New ESXi server

Well, the parts arrived today! Got it all set up and kitted out as well.

- Ci7 920 - 2.67GHz - 12GB RAM - Scythe Ninja.B HSF
- Intel Pro 1000 CT
- 36GB Raptor for the ISO datastore & ESXi installation
- 1x1TB, 2x160GB, and 2x320GB SATA for VMFS
- ESXi 4.0

I would have added more hard disks, but I ran out of ports and drive locations! I'm going with the multi-disk setup like this because I can't do RAID with that many un-like disks, and at this time could not afford the RAID card even if I had the disks. By spreading out the VMs to say two per spindle, I should be able to get acceptable performance.

My goals for this ESXi installation are:
- Personal web server for WWW, FTP, media, etc. (hopefully host the blog here one day)
- Domain for home PCs
- Server 2008 sandbox environment (furthering MSCE goals and general knowledge)
- Development VM for asterisk training

The specs should be up to the job, and it'll be fun setting all this up.

edit: Also, I really want an easier way to include photos/movies with the blog. That'll be another project.


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