migration update

Well, got lots of sleep!

After all that hassle, they really didn't point out too much. RPC was timing out due to a few packets not making it to the destination - okay, interesting, but how come everything else was working 100%? Why only RPC for replication between 2008 DCs? What about the fact that 2003 DC replication works 100%?

Clearly either there is a bug with 2008 or the Cisco routers are filtering certain packets during replication, i.e. a filter template just needs updating by Cisco.

However, we have no time to figure out those problems, not now. We're moving all our DCs back to 2003.

Dan dug up this link: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/File_Servers/Active_Directory/Q_24423610.html

Indicates that 2008 replication to multiple sites has issues, while replication with no sites configured works just fine. We haven't had a chance to test this yet.


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