VPN goes down after 2-3 hours - server 2008

Weird VPN error - which is more likely linked to VMWare or Server2008.

We moved our VPN access over to a new Server 2008 x64 SP2 VM. It was working fine at first, but then after a few hours all VPN access would be lost.

First step was to reboot the server, and that fixed it. But again, VPN would be down after a few hours.

Some troubleshooting and checking things out shows that it's not VPN going down - it's network connectivity across the board on that VM. I can't even ping anymore! So it's a failure of the entire network stack - pretty rare, in my experience.

Actually...I can't ping loopback when it's functioning...so I guess there's something deeper here. I just spoke to Dan about it, he said he'd added a second nic, then removed it when things weren't working correctly. He's just going to blow away this VM and start again.

Strange...well, the issue seems related to the missing nic, so not much can be done about that.


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