VM project progress

Well, so far this project has been a huge learning experience. We've been through subnet changes, shared file location changes, group policy changes, user My Docs location changes, hardware upgrades & installation, SAN configuration and best practices (still fuzzy on the latter), multipathing using the SAN, and the list goes on. It's been nice to actually use some of my Cisco training at last, although after three years of inactivity, my brain cells are fuzzy on that as well.

We're finally at the final stage of the SAN project - ISA. It's our last production server to be virtualized, and will be the most complex, as it's the most connected to the physical world. D has been great setting it all up, hopefully my routes will do the trick! If only the Digi PortServer TS1 would work...it worked flawlessly off the bat, but now that it's been installed/uninstalled a few times, doesn't want to connect anymore....must be something simple.

I'm really enjoying all of this, except for the long hours spent on evenings, weekends, and a few 36-hour shifts now (might be a few more of those). Missing the family time.


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