SCCM 2007 install

Seems to have a lot of dependencies!

Installing on a bare-bones 2008 x64 VM, and it requires:

- Schema extensions (warning)
- WSUS SDK on site server (warning) (needs WSUS, IIS (app/web), .net 3.0, SQL 2008 SP2, Report Viewer 2005
- MS Remote Differential Compression library registered (Features)
- SQL server sysadmin rights (needed to add the current user to the SQL installation with sysadmin permisson)
- SMS provider communication
- IIS not running (Features)
- BITS installed/enabled (Features)
- WebDAV installed/enabled (

Update: Finally able to finish this. After the debacle with Microsoft and AD replication, it's working great so far. I'll be looking at building the Office2007 package this afternoon.
( Refs here )

Update: Turns out if you don't extend the schema (we were hoping to avoid that), then it just doesn't work as it should. So we've extended the schema, rebooted, and we're trying again. Unfortunately the ccm.log file is not very descriptive, so it's hard to pin down why the client installs are not going through. At this point the ccmservice is installed on the client computers, but it doesn't stay running more than a second or so (by design, I figure), and no client install completes - I'm judging that by the control panel, which doesn't have the config options yet.

Well, the errors we've been seeing are HTTP (404, 500, 403, 405), and a webDAV error as well.

!--[LOG[Failed to correctly receive a WEBDAV HTTP request.]-->time="23:15:30.138+240" date="07-03-2009" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="3" thread="2312" file="ccmsetup.cpp:6064">

!--[LOG[Failed to successfully complete HTTP request. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 405)]-->

Dan opened up the IIS permissions, and we got as far as the aforementioned two errors, but that's it. The 405 error didn't seem to be in the IIS log.

We are at the point where installing this on a 2003 machine is looking tempting.

Hmmm..I installed WebDAV but didn't enable it. Now we're getting:

A new HTTP error. 401.

More errors, but different!

More IIS fiddling...

It was missing a virtual directory to point to, and even though IIS users were allowed, wasn't working, so we allowed everyone.

Dan also had to change the client.msi to an application...not 100% sure about that one.

Client install worked, but client/server cannot see each other. Turns out the site was not published (under site management), in either DNS, AD or anything. It has been published now, so we'll see how long this takes.

Update: Well, the pushing to clients failed on a bunch of them, so we ended up just setting it up via the package manually. Not a complete failure, but still not as nice as I'd have liked it to be.

The lesson is: SCCM 2007 is COMPLICATED, and not an afternoon installation kind of product!!! Read through the technet articles more than once...print them out if need be!



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