iSCSI and MPIO and VMs, oh my.

Connecting a 2008 ESX VM guest to a raw LUN on the SAN.

Acronyms. Sheesh.

Set up the VM.
Install MPIO (requires a reboot).
Open up the iSCSI initiator in cpanel.
Change the firewall settings to allow pinging back and forth - required for MPIO.
Install DSM from the EqualLogic disk.
Ensure SAN nics are installed to the VM and configure with IP and subnet mask.
Under the iSCSI initiator, go to Discovery, and add your group IP under portals.
Choose Targets, then log on to your lun of choice.
When logging on, choose 'use multipathing' and 'restore connection'. Click advanced.
Select 'iSCSI initiator', the first nic IP, and the destination (group ip), no other options necessary.
Do the same for the second nic IP.
If you click 'details' on the lun you've targeted, you should see two connections.
Ensure they are set to round robin.
Check the network interface monitor on the SAN console - should see two interfaces active while transferring data.


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